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The Kinect from Microsoft has been around for some while, but this installation of shoe retailer Görtz takes it a be further. How to grab attention for the online store in the real world? Of course, with a virtual show fitting.

Görtz asked the question how a shoe fitting in the digital age could look like. The shopping part is already covered by the online shop, but what about the last crucial step of buying clothes and shoes? Therefore Görtz created the virtual fitting store, an Augmented Reality and Microsoft Kinect powered installation that is plugged into a giant screen, then rolled out as virtual shoe stores at central stations and shopping centres across Germany.


Using 3x Microsoft Kinects, a beefy computer and giant screen, this virtual shoe fitting station is basically an Augmented Reality Shoe Store, tracking 3D versions of their entire range of online shoes to your feet, allowing you to choose your favourite brands, flip through colours, sizes and then post to Facebook for feedback before buying on your mobile via a dynamic QR code that is displayed on screen.

An interesting installation, especially knowing that Kinects actually don’t like to be pointed at eachother, because of interferences. But it’s well executed and – counting in all PR coverage and visitor contacts – production costs should pay off quite fast.


An AR installation that makes sense and feels almost real, which are crucial aspect for customers. This example also shows how separate technologies as AR and QR Code can be easily combined to create a digitally consistent user flow. 

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